Hi, I'm Andrea Callan and my purpose in life is to help people feel safe to express and connect authentically so that we can all share our unique gifts with the world. 

As a Virtual Assistant, this looks like providing trusted, flexible care for the everyday tasks that keep businesses running in communications and admin work. I can take bookings from an hours work and I prefer to build longer-term collaborations. That way I can also offer more strategic support with brand and content marketing from a place of intimately knowing the business.


Communication and the power of the written word have been long-standing passions of mine. I developed my skills from my degree in English Literature to my professional background of over 15 years managing corporate marketing communications. From there, the world of freelancing took me to writing website content, specialising in blog articles about self-development topics (in particular the power of social connection for well-being). I have also been learning and practicing conscious connection practices, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Authentic Relating, for the past 4 years. 

My brand, Compash, stands for communications with compassion. Whether verbal or written, in content marketing, emails, community platforms or other interactions, this is my intention for how I show up for clients, their audiences and anyone else. 


Learning about conscious connection practices, mainly online, has brought much transformation and inspiration to my life. Both as a participant, as well as an assistant; being able to access learnings from international teachers and communities with shared values has been incredibly rewarding for me

It's why I now bring my skills together to support entrepreneurs who share their knowledge through courses, coaching, therapy and other support to serve audiences online. 

As a core part of my job as a VA is efficiency, I also appreciate the opportunity to expand my practice of keeping a growth mindset. This comes in many forms, such as ways to phrase key information and finding the minimum viable product/ way forward. I also enjoy the challenge of working out systems fixes - in particular for websites, using Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Google Sites or others. This is my jam!

"I feel very grateful to have Andrea as a technical and practical assistant. She has been a great support with managing breakout rooms, whilst looking after tech support and sharing learning materials. Andrea has a warm and welcoming approach to participants. She has handled questions effectively and kept documentation up-to-date to support the team.

She shows up prepared and with presence to support live course sessions. I enjoy working with her a lot, beside the practical and technical support she offers her empathic presence to me, the team and the participants. I experience her as very open to learn, enthusiastic and calm - even when there are last minute changes and improvisation is needed."

Daisy Delgado, NVC Certified Facilitator, Connecting2Life


Taking care of people along their journey of exploring their growth edges is an honour for me. My MBTI personality type is an ENFP-A, also known as 'the campaigner'. I resonate in particular with the characteristics of enjoying deep connections, caring for others and curiosity for learning.  

Whilst working online and travelling during 2023, I enjoyed contributing to the community for one of my favourite practices, ecstatic dance. Here I am welcoming people to the space as part of the team in Pai, Thailand. Also, being from England, I do enjoy sharing the ritual of a cup of tea (I'm brewing a herbal blend in that big kettle).

"Andrea is a wonderful collaborator, communicator and knows how to get the best out of herself and the people she works with. I learned so much working with her and I am so proud of the work we did together."

Emma Tominey, Freelance Designer


I aim to keep things simple and flexible in how I offer Virtual Assistant support. Whether you want help with communication, projects, admin tasks, or a mixture of services, all are available on a flexible, hourly basis. I also offer packages for my most popular services in:

I prefer to build long-term collaborations with clients, that way that I can make suggestions for improvements. When I know the business, I can also offer support with strategy for content marketing to cover things like planning, research and messaging. As well as content creation/ writing projects (for example: if you need a website, like this one that I made).

I also offer clients extra care with additional check-ins for emotional support and regulation, as well as accountability and creative ideas. Because the mental load for entrepreneurs can be a lot! I enjoy sharing my skills in NVC to help people feel deeply heard so they can move forward with more clarity.

"Andrea is a delight to work with: professional, thorough, skilled and empathetic. If you're considering outsourcing some of your work as an entrepreneur/ creator, she is an amazing Virtual Assistant. Check her out!"

Maša Nobilo, Founder and Sleep Coach, Restful Sleep


Having experimented with different ways of living on the road whilst traveling, I now live on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Known as the island of flowers, the raw beauty of the nature here is something that brings me joy every day. As well as the reliable wifi that makes it easy to keep in contact, especially with being on the CET-1 timezone like the UK

I also like to participate in the entrepreneurial community here, with regular events for networking and learning. The pic of me is at my local co-working space in Ponta Do Sol, where I have held workshops. My intention is to create a base here on Madeira as I build my business as a Virtual Assistant, working in a flexible way as well as writing and my journey to becoming a teacher of NVC over the next 5 years. 


How was it for you to read a bit about me? Was there anything I shared that resonated for you? If the idea of exploring a collaboration to support your business sounds interesting, I'd love to hear from you. Or if you feel we may have shared values, feel free to get in touch as I'm always happy to build community in entrepreneurial, self-development, NVC or other related spaces.

Wishing you well,


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