Collaborating with me as your Virtual Assistant means that you get flexible support and only pay for what you need. Which means more cost savings than employing someone because you don't have to cover things like:

Want to know how it could be to get easier, more flexible way to get support in your business?


These can be recurring tasks or one-off items. You can see my services for the typical ways I can help. If there may be any additional communications, project or admin tasks you may be curious about, you're welcome to ask in a message or check-in call.

2. Email me about the support you're interested in

Drop me an email to let me know what kind of support you're interested in or if you have any initial questions. Then I'll invite you to a call to work out how that could look.

3. Free 30 minute check-in call to clarify details

This is where we can have a chat to get to know your business needs and how my services could help. We can also share some information about ways of working and have space for any questions. I'll follow up with an email confirming what we discussed with a quote for the services you're interested in.

4. Confirm the details, then we get started

You'll receive a booking form confirming what we have discussed, plus a contract and an invoice. Once the contract is signed and payment is received, our collaboration can get started!


If you know exactly what you need from a Virtual Assistant, great! However it's often a case of working it out as you go

One of the things entrepreneurs appreciate most about getting support from a Virtual Assistant is the flexibility: being able to book a number of hours for a month, have an idea of the tasks you'd like to try handing over and see how it goes. 

You can switch up the tasks up to find out what works best for you. Some business owners find they enjoy particular tasks and want to keep them, whilst others are an immediate weight off their shoulders to outsource. 

Trial and error is welcome. In most cases, we find what works best with regular communication. I can even help you with prioritising, accountability and more in an extra-care check-in if that's something that would be helpful. Plus, worst case scenario, if you need to scale back Virtual Assistant support to manage business costs, you can do with 30 days notice.

So if you'd like to explore how getting flexible Virtual Assistant support in your business could look, drop me an email with the kinds of tasks you'd like to try outsourcing and I'll arrange a free 30-minute check-in call where we can get more clarity on how that could look.


✔️ Know your time is best spent on high impact work rather than maintenance tasks,

✔️ Have a vision for transformation and want help with putting it into action,

✔️ Are building things and are looking to scale your business,

✔️ Want flexible support from a long-term collaborator,

✔️ Express yourself and share value through helpful content,

✔️ Inspire others through your application and curation of knowledge (but don't have the time to manage),

✔️ Want to give your customers a great experience (but don't have the bandwidth for it all),

✔️ Appreciate having the option of empathic listening available to you,

✔️ Value integrity, clarity, efficiency, compassion and creativity,

✔️ You know it isn't sustainable to do everything on your own.

If some of those points resonate with you, it could be worth having a check-in call to find out which tasks you could clear from your to-do list to focus on what's important. Drop me a message with the kind of support you are interested in and I'll set up a free 30-minute check-in call to get clarity on what's needed and to get more time back for you.


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